Tropical Fish

I have tons of goldfish but I thought I’d try my hand at tropicals too. This is my 30gal tropical tank. I figured I’d start with some easy keepers since I don’t know as much about trops as I do goldfish. Drop a comment I don’t mind.

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  1. gormogon4927 says:

    I love your tank!!
    I love your tank!!

  2. magscat3161 says:

    I have several …
    I have several aquariums some have live plants and some don’t. I don’t have time to maintain planted systems in all of them.

  3. TheMagicPoulet says:

    How much was your …
    How much was your tanks?

  4. jakebradley225 says:

    fish are brill ive …
    fish are brill ive got troic fhish

  5. magscat3161 says:

    thank you^_^
    thank you^_^

  6. magscat3161 says:

    uh…good question …
    uh…good question lol I have several and I stopped keeping track of how much I’ve spent so far! XD If I had to take a guess on how much I’ve spent on this hobby I’d have to say over 20,000 at least.

  7. fordrocZZzz says:

    i hate thikin how …
    i hate thikin how much money ive put in and the efforts unbelivable but it all worthit i mean look at my vid its still a work in progress but its well on its way after 12monthes

  8. maxxsport08 says:

    Very nice! Have you …
    Very nice! Have you considered having live plants before?

  9. thanks…any other …
    thanks…any other option?

  10. magscat3161 says:

    I just used windows …
    I just used windows movie maker. I comes standard of most computers

  11. very nice fishes …
    very nice fishes and tank…what is the software did you use for this video if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. magscat3161 says:

    They usually only …
    They usually only show aggression if you over crowd the tank or allow poor water quality to stress them. I’ve never had aggression issues with platties, mollies, or swordtails

  13. greenpalaka says:

    i love this kind of …
    i love this kind of fish.. they require no special needs.. and are cheap to buy…. though…. they seem to attack others until the whole tail of a “prey” fish is gone.. living it floating and dead…

  14. Hello there! You’re …
    o there! You’re tropical platties and mollies are lovely. I live in the Philippines and I decided to post my gouramis’ video to share with you. Happy Holidays!

  15. nice tank! not sure …
    nice tank! not sure about the music
    ive got a schoul of bala shark in my 40gal
    nice filmin

  16. Nice planting – …
    Nice planting – Lovely tank

  17. magscat3161 says:

    Srry I took so long …
    Srry I took so long to answer I haven’t been online in forever. I don’t own green sail fins at the moment. They’re kinda hard to find where I’m living right now.

  18. hi can i join your …
    hi can i join your discussion and im hoping that you would answer to my message..or what you call this comments…i do have tri-color mollies some called them 24-k…i will post it soon so that you can also view mine mollies here in Philippines, Mindanao..and i like to do trade…

    i just want to ask if either on of you here have green sailfin mollies??

  19. get electric …
    get electric yellows and blues

  20. agreed get some …
    agreed get some tripey or spotty ones

  21. magscat3161 says:

    Yes I’m American ^_ …
    Yes I’m American ^_^ I have a lot of different kinds of fish but I like live bearers most b/c they’re so easy to take care of.

  22. nebynnad7271 says:

    I love tropical …
    I love tropical fish and i love the different verieties of fish in your tank …… i think your american ? am i correct? because im english and we prefer to say liters but anywat i love the video could u plz coment back to me plz your sincerly nebynnad7271 xxx

  23. magscat3161 says:

    I’m a chick LOL. I …
    I’m a chick LOL. I keep all kinds of fish from oscars to angels and everything in between. I love goldfish. They just suit me. they aren’t for every one though and I’m cool with those who don’t share my affection for them LOL. I also keep bettas and have a few lovely individuals. :)

  24. dude tropicals are …
    dude tropicals are better they looked like boring fish (no affence dude) you need to get some bettas i have had mine for years now they are brilliant!!

    but i still do respect your opinion

  25. magscat3161 says:

    You’re welcome! I …
    You’re welcome! I supervise the emergency care and breeding sections for the aquapuppies goldfish forum. You should come and check it out. I know the forum is mainly for goldfish but we welcome anyone who loves any kind of fish and many of our members keep many types of fish other than goldfish.
    aquapuppiesdotcom if you’re interested. :)

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