Considering an Aquarium Set-Up – What is Your Style?

An aquarium is a large object, even the desktop aquariums need to be large enough to provide enough space for the fish to comfortably live.  But when all is said and done, it is also a decorative feature in the home or office.   When considering an aquarium set-up, market research has shown that there are basically three groups of aquarists, and each has a specific need in the aquariums they purchase and maintain.

Marina Style 20 Aquarium Set

Marina Style 20 Aquarium Kit – A basic starter kit for most new aquarists

The main group – casual aquarists – are those interested in keeping freshwater, usually tropical, fish.  Most novice aquarists fall into this category.  They do their best to maintain the proper habitat and water conditions for the fish but do so with a more casual attitude. They want the fish to live, and want to know something about them and how they will live together.  But they do not dedicate large amounts of either time or money to the aquarium.  They often will change a piece of equipment only when it fails and are not about to follow the latest trends in the market.

Marine aquarium beauty shot

Photo by jbylund on Flickr, used under the Creative Commons license

There is a very dedicated, but smaller group.  They are often fanatical aquarists who find they need to know everything they can and are often highly focused on the way they keep fish. These are usually advanced aquarists who are keeping marine species in their aquariums.

Alternately, they may have multiple tanks housing a variety of fish, or have strong breeding facilities that require a lot of their time and attention.  They need to know as much about the fish in their care as possible.  Their hobby often becomes an obsession and can take over their life.  In another post on this topic, my blog at discusses the signs of obsession that can take over an aquarist’s personal life.

Fluval Edge Desktop Aquarium

Desktop Aquariums offer style to almost any surroundings

The third type of aquarium owner isn’t really into it only for the love of keeping tropical fish, like the previous two. Rather the addition of an aquarium set-up is because they have a space and want to add a design element.  These could be viewed as “fashionistas” or lifestyle aquarists.

It is no surprise that the community fish tank is often what is selected to add life and vibrancy to the area.  The look of the aquarium is vital, and there are many specialized sets that have been designed to appeal to a particular lifestyle need.  These range from the stylish Fluval Edge and other desktop aquariums to large furniture pieces, and even to custom systems commissioned by celebrities as a part of their extravagant lifestyle.

An Aquarium Set-Up can fit any Aquarist’s style

The popularity of such shows as Fish Tank Kings (National Geographic Wild) and Tanked (Animal Planet) just shows the curiosity and interest the public has shown toward stylish and custom tanks.   The unique systems are often well out of the reach fo the common man or woman, but may of the features they work into the design can be reflected in a well thought out home aquarium set-up.

So- no matter what aquarium you select, try to understand the underlying reasons for putting a new aquarium system into operation – are you more interested in the system as a piece of furniture or for the species you will be responsible for?   It is not the most important factor in the selection of most aquariums.

But the reasons for having a fish tank placed in  a particular place will impact the type of fish that are kept, and the way they are maintained.  What is most dangerous is the decision to place install a system in a particular location, and then add incompatible fish to go with the rest of the “look”


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