Tropical Fish Selection for Beginners

Looking for some tips and tricks on tropical fish selection for beginners.  Do you need some help on what to look for when you are selecting fish for a new aquarium.  Here is an excellent video that has a lot of information packed into the narration. Although there are a lot of nice fish displayed on the screen, and they are soothing to watch, the real meat of this particular video is found in the audio track.

That is where the constant stream of characteristics and tips is found.  You want to know what type of temperament your aquarium has for inhabitants.  One of the best ways, as mentioned right at the beginning of the video is to keep a list of the fish in your aquarium.  This can be used when you are looking at adding a new specimen to the aquarium. It will help the Live Fish Store to determine a good species to add to an already established habitat.

Tropical fish Selection for beginners is important for many reasons. One of the most disappointing thjngs that can happen is if a new fish is added and it rapidly dies.  There can be a number of reasons for this to occur, but one of the most common reasons is that the fish was incompatible in the first place and was a mistake.  This often happens when the fish already in the tank are not identified correctly, the fish may not have been sold under the right scientific or common name.  But keeping a list, or at least making on before entering the fish store for help in the tropical fish selection for beginners will often prevent an oversight that can be fatal for the fish in the tank or a new fish being added.

The other problem with fish, even if they are ultimately compatible with the fish in the tank, is the problem of proper acclimatization.  The fish will be stressed by a move from as store’s tank and the home aquarium.  Proper  transport and allowing enough time for the fish to get used to the new water is very important.

The second trick is to redecorate the aquarium to make sure all the fish are on the same even playing field when the new fish are finally released.  If an older inhabitant has an established territory, the new fish may intrude and a violent defense may cause damage.  But all the fish are trying to re-establish their territory, then there is less chance that the new one would be the only one challenged.



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