Biological Filtration

Installing the new Fluval-G Filter (Part 2)

Installing the new Fluval-G Filter (Part 2)

The Fluval-G 3 filter was installed on a Tropiquarium 88 that has been installed and operating for well over a year. It is holding a variety of Lake Malawi African Cichlids that have been in the tank since it was […]

New Video Resource for the Novice Aquarist

I know there is such a huge amount of information on the Internet that it is easy to become confused. When searching for information on a specific topic, it is so easy to get off the original topic when following […]

My new tank looks like my kid poured his milk in it, but I don’t have any kids!

In the case of a new aquarium, what is being described here is the phenomenon of “New Tank Syndrome”.  It is quite common and not particularly dangerous, but it is certainly unsightly.  Just like most other living organisms, the bacterial […]

Turtle tank setup

Turtle tank setup

Hey this is my turtle tank. Its 10 gallons. i got the works filter, lights, basking area, and a cool beach area that actually has i biological filtration system. My turtle sasha is 1yr old and has two goldfish with […]

How to Buy Aquarium Fish : Filtration Tips for Aquariums

How to Buy Aquarium Fish : Filtration Tips for Aquariums

Learn the right way to filter your aquarium through biological filtration with tips from a goldfish expert in this free pet care video. Duration : 0:1:4 Technorati Tags: angelfish, Aquarium, Fish, food, Goldfish, Pet, pets, store

27/10/08 Mechanical /Biological  Filtration

27/10/08 Mechanical /Biological Filtration

My koi pond mechanical/biological filter just before washing. Check my channel for more koi videos. Duration : 0:0:59 Technorati Tags: biological, filter, filtration, Fish, hooi, japanese, jumbo, koi, large, malaysia, mechanical, nishikigoi, paul, pond, ultra, UV, violet

Aquarium Care, Biological Filtration, and Cycling

Aquarium Care, Biological Filtration, and Cycling A basic understanding of biological filtration is absolutely essential for success with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This video, aided by The Kick-Ass Aquarium eBook, covers both biological filtration and the proper and safe method of adding fish to […]

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