Turtle tank setup

Hey this is my turtle tank. Its 10 gallons. i got the works filter, lights, basking area, and a cool beach area that actually has i biological filtration system. My turtle sasha is 1yr old and has two goldfish with her at all times..lol. im upgrading to a new tank later this week.

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  1. Nice job dude
    Nice job dude

  2. harold042483 says:

    thanks you too
    thanks you too

  3. BitterBeauty19 says:

    Cool tank! :)
    Cool tank! :)

  4. harold042483 says:

    thanks man check …
    thanks man check out my new tank its much better

  5. harold042483 says:

    thanks man checkout …
    thanks man checkout my other vid i got a new tank and it 10 times better

  6. petraiserdude26 says:

    NICE tank dude! :D
    NICE tank dude! :D

  7. disturbed0507 says:

    I love it I am …
    I love it I am SOOOO jelous!!!!!

  8. regularjonesy says:

    how did u get the …
    how did u get the soil to build up at the side ?

  9. harold042483 says:

    it is a foam cutout …
    it is a foam cutout i bought it from petland. you can put a filter inside and it act as a biofilter and also you can cut holes in it and plant live plants

  10. u really kno how to …
    u really kno how to fill up the space with kewl stuff in such a small tank. good job.

  11. Hey you ever had …
    Hey you ever had problems with say your turtles trying to eat your fish i notice you keep both in one tank. Im upgrading my tank this weekend and feel it will be a bit empty with just my two guys in there?

  12. harold042483 says:

    lol thanks check …
    lol thanks check out my other vids i got a bigger tank

  13. harold042483 says:

    well check out my …
    well check out my new tank and b4 she used to eat them turtle will eat anything alive fish snails plants whatever but that was my point the fish provide good calcium with low fat.

  14. MasterExploderX says:

    eya im thinking of …
    eya im thinking of getting a turtle but im confused about the lighting and uv etc. is it possible to get a basking light +uva+uvb all in one? can u recomend a certain product?

  15. harold042483 says:

    i use a hood that …
    i use a hood that has three different switches. 1 heat, 1 night, and one uvb long bulb it works fine for me. i think its zoo med all u need is the different bulbs i dont think there is a 3 in one bulb

  16. Yes there are …
    Yes there are actually uva/uvb/heat bulbs all in one – they’re called mercury vapor bulbs – one name brand is Zoo Med Powersun UV Mercury Vapor Lamps. They’re quite efficient.

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