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One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new tropical fish aquarium is finding the fish to match the tank.  There aren’t a lot of choices available for a good fish selection tool out there that can help with the process.  I think I have found one hosted by that seems to be as complete as I have ever seen.  At the very least it takes a few major factors into account when it offers suggestions for compatible fish for an aquarium.

Helps to select the fish with input of tank size and filtration

  • Fish database
  • Filter database
  • Aquarium definition

The system is available for both freshwater and saltwater.  The database of fish to select is almost 1000 in the freshwater Advisor, but listed as less than 100 for marine environments.  For most of the readers of this blog, the freshwater selections will be of the most interest anyway, so this database should be quite adequate.

Another major factor for the fish to stay healthy and happy is the size and type of filter in the set-up.  The system offers a wide variety of filters by brand and model.  In most common cases the filter you have will be listed, or at least something very close to it.  Without knowing the filter used, it is quite difficult to find the right fish that can live in the habitat.

Finally, it is all a waste of time if the system cannot handle the actual tank the fish are to be housed within.  The Advisor offers a wide number of aquariums by name to select form. If your tank is not one of the list of common dimensions or manufactured aquariums, the system allows you to enter custom dimensions in this area.  Quite a number of desktop aquariums, like the Fluval Edge are listed

Fish Selection Tool Helps Build Compatible Communities

Although a tool like this is extremely useful, it does not take all the conditions into account. It is a guideline that will be much more accurate when combined with the advice of a good fish store’s aquatic experts.  Always see what the people who know the fish available in the area believe.  In the long run a good fish selection tool will save quite a bit of problems.

No matter what though, always remember that when selecting fish for any aquarium, never add too many all at once.  Although this is especially important in the beginning when the beneficial bacteria are not fully established, it is still a problem with an established aquarium as well.  In these cases it will take a few days for the biological filter to adjust to the sudden increase in ammonia production that always accompanies the addition of new tropical fish into a freshwater fish tank.




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