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Nitrogen Cycle - by Koi Question

The Nitrogen Cycle Is Composed of Three Components

Over an over, I see too much emphasis placed on the toxicity of ammonia.  The novice aquarist often simply ignores the role that nitrite plays in the overall absorption of nitrogen components within the new aquarium.  This process is generally […]

Tropical Fish Selection for Beginners

Tropical Fish Selection for Beginners

Looking for some tips and tricks on tropical fish selection for beginners.  Do you need some help on what to look for when you are selecting fish for a new aquarium.  Here is an excellent video that has a lot […]

Tropical Fish Diseases

There are quite a few tropical fish diseases out there, and too many cures to go into everyone of them in a a single post here at the Novice Aquarist.  Personally, I prefer to prevent disease by removing the various […]

Desktop Aquarium – Is it for you?

Desktop Aquarium – Is it for you?

The popularity of the desktop aquarium has risen dramatically in the past few years.  People are finding that an standard size aquarium, with its requirement to place it on a manufactured aquarium stand does not add as interesting a “look” […]

Marina Style 20 Aquarium Kit - A basic starter kit for most new aquarists

Considering an Aquarium Set-Up – What is Your Style?

An aquarium is a large object, even the desktop aquariums need to be large enough to provide enough space for the fish to comfortably live.  But when all is said and done, it is also a decorative feature in the […]

appistogramma in painted aquarium

Painting a Home Aquarium

There are a number of ways to cover the rear panel of a fish tank.  One of the lesser known methods – because of fears of toxicity and lack of knowledge on how to do it is by painting a […]

Marina Elite 60 Aquarium - Silver Frame

A New Aquarium on a Budget

The novice aquarist is often faced with difficult choices when starting a new aquarium on a budget.  Finding the right aquarium both size and shape is often the first problem.  The tank should be as large as you can afford, […]

Helps to select the fish with input of tank size and filtration

Fish Selection Tool

One of the most difficult aspects of starting a new tropical fish aquarium is finding the fish to match the tank.  There aren’t a lot of choices available for a good fish selection tool out there that can help with […]

First two Video Tips on Aquarium Set-up Posted

The first two in the Aquarium Set-Up series is now posted on in the Aquarium FAQ area. The first two subjects include when to add live plants in a new installation and the impotance of the aquarium stand for […]

New Video tips posted on

We just posted two video tips on the correct way to feed tropical fish. This has been posted on the Freshwater Tropical Fish Tanks website. The site hosts both the video tip as well as the transcript of the tip […]

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