LumenAqua High Power LED Aquarium Light

LumenAqua is the 21st centry optimal aquarium lighting system. Royal Aquarium proudly bring you the most cost effective lighting system that suitable for all different kind of aquarium you preferred. Stay tuned.

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  1. very interested in …
    very interested in some more details of your lighting system. Looking for 72″ light for 30″ deep reef aquarium with clams @ bottom. Please tell me how to get info.

  2. hello, how much …
    o, how much costs a 36″ lamp and where can i find?

  3. No, this is high …
    No, this is high power RGB LED

  4. MakaveliTheDon96 says:

    is this metal …
    is this metal halide?

  5. very cool
    very cool

  6. Independant23 says:


  7. what up kenron!!!
    what up kenron!!!

  8. Very interesting and creative the aquarium with LED you designed. I really appreciate your efforts. Research on it should be continue for LED grow lights as well.

  9. This is a exceptional summary, I discovered your web site searching aol for a similar subject matter and came to this. I couldnt get to much other info on this write-up, so it was good to discover this one. I will likely be back again to look at some other posts that you have another time.

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