Aquarium filtration

Aquaclear 70 and 110. Formally knows as the AC300 and AC500.

Duration : 0:3:9


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  1. I use seachem prime …
    I use seachem prime when doing my water changes. I also have seachem cichlid salt but I rarely use it.

  2. criskywalker says:

    do you add any …
    do you add any chemicals to the aquarium once you change the water?

  3. No prob. Yea they …
    No prob. Yea they are suprisingly quiet.

  4. that realy silent, …
    that realy silent, thanks for putting this up, I wanted to see how much noise this filter made.

  5. It’s a 55g tank. …
    It’s a 55g tank. Thanks for the comment.

  6. hey how big is your …
    hey how big is your tank
    good filtration and great setup !

  7. gordonputfile says:

    No jumpers yet? …
    No jumpers yet? Love the tank, great rock work, saw your other vids too. That open top would worry me nonstop tho!

  8. nice filtration man …
    nice filtration man u should see this filter i builded its cool i made out of gatarade drinking foutian thing

  9. Thanks.. I clean …
    Thanks.. I clean the ac70 and ac110 once every 3-4 weeks. I also do a water change twice a week. Take out about 30% of the water.

  10. fromdust2dust says:

    i love your …
    i love your formations and ur cichlids r gutting huge

  11. Careful don’t drop …
    Careful don’t drop that new camera in the water Lol. Nice filters love’em. how often do you have to clean them. do they build up quickly. The tanks looks awesome through that nice new camera. I really will have to start stopping my bubbles when i do a vid the tank just looks way better with them off.
    Well anyway Nice vid catch ya’ later

    By the way nice Plants I watch that vid LOL I want some strawberries.

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